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Technical Services

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Beijing HMY Medical Technology Co., Ltd.has always followed the variety development strategy of “imitation and creation combination”, and accumulated rich experience in the development of new drugs and generic drugs in the process of continuous search, which can satisfy the individuality and diversification of itself or customers. Technical needs.

1. Chemical generics-澳门太阳集团2138
The development of generic drugs is an effective way to reduce national medical expenditures, and it is also one of the core elements for expanding the scale of the industry and promoting the leapfrog development of the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries. At present, the “general drug conformity evaluation work” and the “re-evaluation work of injections” at the national -level design level put forward higher technical requirements for generic drug research and development. Opportunities and challenges coexist. Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in the development of oral, sustained-release, controlled-release preparations, injections, and external preparations, which gives us the confidence and ability to undertake the new registration of drugs. - Technical development work for class 4 drugs and for the consistency evaluation of oral solid preparations and injections.
2. Clinical business-古天乐太阳娱乐网址
In order to adapt to the new national drug administration regulations and meet customer requirements and needs for clinical trials, especially human bioequivalence trials (BE), we recruit from GCP centers, subjects, third party testing, data management, cold chain logistics, etc. In many aspects, the mobilization and integration of relevant resources in the industry has begun to take shape, and can provide customers with technical services for clinical trial commissioned
3. Registration of drugs and medical devices
Rely on our good resource integration capabilities and the familiarity and accuracy of domestic and foreign registration regulations, according to the needs of customers, assist customers to solve problems in the registration process of drugs and medical devices, improve the efficiency of application and the success rate of approval.