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About HMT

About HMT

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  Beijing HMT Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HMT”) is a R&D and sales enterprise for chemical drug, engaged in the development, manufacture, customization and sales of API and intermediates, and focused on domestic and overseas registration, key technology patent applications, technology transfer and other services.-太阳城

  “HMT” R&D technicians have rich experience in R&D and large-scale production of APIs and intermediates, APIs and formulations can be filed jointly. At the same time we are able to provide the following technical support:

  1. Application for supplementary research registration of domestic and foreign R&D registration of APIs, process changes after product listing, and improvement of quality standards.

  2. To undertake product development and production of various difficulty levels, providing process development and custom synthesis services for grams to tons of products.

  3. Process improvement can be made for existing varieties to solve technical problems such as cost control, safety hazards and three waste treatments encountered by customers during the production process.-澳门太阳集团娱乐138

  4. Provide excellent standard products and reference materials for pharmaceutical impurities for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.